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Vicore is a company dedicated to building equipment which allows people to take their workouts and physical fitness to the next level. We do not believe there are short cuts in losing weight, gaining muscle mass or just getting physically fit, however that does not mean there are not better ways to do it. This "better way" has and always will be our focus.
Our equipment is based on the concept of Functional Fitness, which not only allows you to build muscle mass, get cut, stronger and leaner but to also achieve gains in the area of core strength. What ever your goal happens to be, when you combine it with a strong core muscle group, enhanced balance and coordination—the quality of your daily life and activities you perform will definitely improve.
It has taken almost seven years and literally countless prototypes to perfect our equipment and the fact that we picked up over 25 patents along the way hasn't hurt either. Even with all these patents, we cannot promise you an Atlas body in seven days. The fact is, you are going to have to work your butt off, but what we will promise is, our equipment will provide you the best possible tools to achieve your goals.
We urge you to read more about our products, the science behind them and the additional benefits they can provide. Whether you are a Competitive Body Builder, a professional athlete or somebody just trying to improve their health and physique the Vicore system will help you get there, with benefits and enhanced ergonomics that traditional equipment just can't provide.